August 20, 2009

I watched this movie again by chance on TV. I love this movie. I love these lines of Thoreau especially. In this week, I've been sending these lines out to a lot of my friends... So it had to come up on my blog.

April 18, 2009

My work is keeping me busy. I got no time to write about the Holy Week days. And I hate that! My work is on waste management. And I've made some friends recently who are concerned about the environment. So I thought of posting this one piece I read in a book sometime back. It's very interesting.

There is no better way to understand how deeply we are disconnected from our environment than to ask the big metaphysical question, the question that has challenged the great minds of our generation and the generations before us.

The question that if we had a clear answer for it would unlock the deepest mysteries of life on this planet : Where does our trash go?!

The truck comes to our place of residence, they dump into the back whatever we dumped into the approved container with the phone number and the name of the company on the side, and we think no more of it. Have you later in the day thought to yourself : I hope my garbage made it there safely!

Where is there? And how many there's are there? And what do they do with it when it gets there? Does every town have a there? Can the people who live next to the there smell there? Are there laws about how many there's a town can have? Is there a point at which a there is full ? How is this determined? Can the people who run the there give us a percentage of how full their there is? Do they get together and discuss these sorta things with other people who own there's?

No! We don't even think about it. We know that skilled highly trained people are on the job and so we don't spend a moment thinking about where our trash goes... until we go camping... and the sign says to take out everything we take in... and for an hour or for a day or a week... we're highly attuned to what we're doing to the environment. We pick up every wrapper. We bury everything that should be buried. We wait until every last coal is burnt out. All because.... we don't want to pay the fine.... which of course raises the question, "Is there some sort of larger fine that all of us are going to have to pay as the human race for our actions?" And if we were aware of what that fine was going to be, would we all of a sudden care very much about there?

February 25, 2009

February 14, 2009

Fear is greatest in the vicinity of our desires

Perseverance is always needed in the direction of our destiny

There is always more we must learn and become